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Wide Range of Equipment & Spares for Steel Industry

Steel Industry

Ecorporates GmbH provide Consolidated Know-How and Technology to Steel Mills from Europe. Our role is prominent for providing modern and efficient technologies with energy saving and low environmental impact. We provide customer-oriented approach and flexible attitude to meet Customer’s requirements which include Engineering, Research and Development.

We also help customers in manufacturing of equipment in reputable workshop in Europe along with Assembling/Inspection/Testing of Equipment before shipment. The offered material is under strict Quality control of Production Process and Equipment (ISO:9001).

With a focus on spare parts and services, we have developed a strong reputation in the steel industry as a high-quality supplier to the major steel plants. We also help customers for Future Projects Improvements (increase of production/quality, improve of production range, etc.)

Scope of Services

Our scope of services includes complete electric and integrated steel plants & equipment:

  • Scrap Treatment Plant
  • Electric Arc Furnace
  • Energy Optimized Furnace / Mini Blast Furnace / Mini Sinter Plant
  • Ladle Furnace
  • Vacuum (Oxygen) Degaser
  • Continuous Casting Machine for Billets, Blooms, Slabs
  • Material Handling System
  • Fume De-Dusting System
  • Hot Rolling Mill for Long Products, Sections, Re-Bars, Wire Rod
  • Reheating Furnace
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Slag Treatment Plant
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Electrode handling equipment
  • Copper Moulds
  • Equipment for oxygen cutting and welding
  • Manipulators for sampling and temperature measurement for EAF, LF and VDS
  • Special gearmotors for crane bridges
  • Magnetic handling equipment
  • Magnetic equipment used for steel metallurgy
  • Automation of all the Manufactured Equipment