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We Offer a Wide Range of Plant Maintenance Services

Plant Maintenance

Thanks to our years of operation, maintenance and repair projects, we have gained extensive experience in the long-term estimation of spare parts consumption.

We study the existing system to understand the root cause of problems and advise best set of solutions. Our maintenance services help to make improvements in your plant efficiency.

Based on our experience and process knowledge, we identify ways to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your system. We recommend and implement methods that optimize your operations and improve your maintenance routines.

Our specialists manage all your processes and find out how to improve them. This will minimize inefficiencies by energy-saving technology and optimizing control procedures. We also recommend use of latest technology and replace the existing equipment with new and advanced items which leads to lower costs and improved efficiency.

Cement Plant Maintenance Routine Maintenance

We Offer Our Customers Exactly What They Need

Competent Partner

We are a competent partner to improve the operation and increase the lifetime of industrial units.

The services provided range from electrical, mechanical repairs, instrumentation, and control system maintenance. Consulting, development, planning, assembly and installation to plant maintenance and operation. We also audit maintenance planning to reduce the overall maintenance effort required and give significant benefits to the customer.

Our engineering experts can manage all of your processes and also determine how to improve them. This may involve minimizing inefficiencies, implementing energy-saving technology and improving control methods.

We focus on offering our customers exactly what they need, both in terms of project support and service options. We develop customized solutions ranging from single services to integrated services packages:

  • Planning and undertaking routine maintenance
  • Optimization of existing units
  • Diagnosing failures
  • Budgeting
  • Addressing breakdowns
  • Repairing equipment
  • Providing support to engineering and technical staff
  • Supplying specialist equipment and components
  • Planning maintenance procedures
  • Maintaining statistical and financial system
  • Compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Managing inventory of parts and equipment.