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Design Heat Exchanger

September 18, 2021 Industry

Heat Exchanger for Demanding Applications

Specially designed Heat exchanger in design ET-FE-07 including air side connection frame which is air-tight (max.10,000 Pa over-pressure).
The heat exchanging area is made of fin tubes which are hot-dip galvanised on the outside.
Core tube is elliptical shaped, with rectangular fins.

Heat ExchangerPressure parts as well as supporting parts of the heat exchangers are made of steel, welded together and finished with a two-layers protective paint with Aerosol color light-zinc
Silicon free
Durable up to 400°C.
Surface treatment: De-rusted by blasting SA 2.5
One tube plate of this heat exchanger is capable of gliding in longitudinal direction in order to compensate length differences between tube bundle and U-shaped assembly frame, which arise due to heat expansion.