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Material Flow Problem

January 06, 2021 Cement

Material Flow Problem Solved by Multiport Blaster

We were called by a cement producer seeking rectification for their material flow problem. There was huge material clogging at kiln inlet. When our experts went to investigate, they found that there are multiple locations where clogging is taking place and causing problems for smooth flow of material. Efficient material flow is a critical element of cement production.

Multiport BlasterIn order to achieve lower operating costs and improved production we installed a multiport blaster which has common air reservoir with multiple ports for injection of air to remove clogging. The main unit was installed at convenient location and high-pressure hoses were placed at different locations to ensure smooth material flow.

The customer experienced improved material flow and increased productivity. The multiport is also cost effective because it has a central controller and reservoir for easy maintenance and convenient for positioning nozzles at locations where it is difficult to install air-cannons. The ports are installed in a series and precisely sequenced for maximum effect, the network of outlet ports can be timed to best suit individual process conditions or material characteristics.