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Kiln Replacement

January 06, 2021 Cement

Kiln and Cooler Camera Replacement

We were called by a customer facing problem in the kiln camera. The old high temperature camera was a fixed camera installed by EPC contractor and was showing blurred images of the kiln which could not provide necessary inside of kiln to production manager. We found that the camera is fixed installation type and the lens is burnt frequently.

Kiln CameraSolution:
Considering the application and requirement of customer we selected high temperature camera with retracting station from Mirion Technologies (IST Quadtek). The installation and commissioning were performed by our expert. The cable was also replaced along with display monitor. The result was awesome and longer life.
The plant operators can now have better view of kiln and examine the inside of kiln during operation. The camera is retracted to avoid damage to lens. The camera helps identification of kiln ring build ups, blockages and red rivers.