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January 20, 2022 Cement

Ceramic wear segments - Vertical Roller Mill.

Ceramic wear segments have proved high wear resistance and longer wear life in vertical roller mills. Roller tyres and table segments are manufactured with high chromium base layer with ceramic inserts. The manufacturing of Metal Ceramic Composites is a special process that involves ceramic precast body chemical plating, mixing, sintering, suction, casting and an optimised heat treatment process to ensure that the cast chromium alloy is firmly combined with the ceramic particles and does not peel off during usage.

The mechanical stress in the ceramic phase is dispersed by the continuous metal substrates which wrap the ceramic particles and increases the strength of the metal substrate due to the uniform distribution between the ceramic particles. MMC wear parts, such as roller tyres and table segments of a vertical grinding mill, possess the combined characteristics of the refractory oxide ceramic with alloy metal.